Duro-Last® Single-ply PVC Membrane

Roofing System Overview

Innovative Exteriors Inc. is proud of be a licensed flat roof contractor installing Duro-Last® Single-ply PVC Membrane. Duro-Last Inc. offers over three decades of proven PVC roof system performance with billions of square feet of membrane installed across North America. Duro-Last has been successful since the beginning by providing our customers with unmatched service and expertise in the roofing industry.

Product Information

  • Roof Membrane available in 50, 60 and 80 mil thickness.
  • Available in roll goods only
  • A complete line of Duro-Last custom prefabricated accessories is available for all Duro-Fleece membranes.
  • 10’ rolls reduce welding and enable a quick, quiet and easy installation — also available in 5’-wide rolls.
  • Can be mechanically attached or adhered.
  • Each roll of membrane has one 3-inch selvage edge, without fleece, to enable rooftop hot-air welding to the adjacent membrane roll      

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Duro-Last® Single-ply PVC Membrane
Duro-Last® Single-ply PVC Membrane
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