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Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Hear What Our Customers Say About Us in Michigan

At Innovative Exteriors, we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding service and reliable flat roofing to our community. Here’s what some of our satisfied customers across Michigan have to say about their experiences with us.

“Quality work, fair price, really good customer service.”

— Gary Mark

“Josh and his crew have been the best commercial roofing guys I’ve had help with my projects. Josh has done several Duro-Last roofs for me and has never let me down. Highly knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile!”

— Sean Seifert

“The service was consistent with promotionals with the technician providing details of the current status of our generator. The tuneup components will increase the life and performances as we do experience several power loss events during the course of a year.”

— Kost Kapchonick

“Excellent to work with. Very professional and efficient.”

— Mike Stone

“My wife and I own 32 apartment units. We purchased a large apartment complex recently and new that the roof was in need of replacement as the budget allowed. After a little poking around we found Josh and his company, Innovative Exteriors. Our job wasn’t super cut and dry like a new roof on a new building. He was going to have to work around our current cap because it extended down our building to far to replace. He was forced to make things work and go over it. We also had some bump outs that were not flashed properly and wanted whoever did the job to take care of those as well. Our building also had an ancient roof across hatch that was badly in need of replacement. After speaking with Josh about all our issues and having him out to our building I knew he was the guy for the job.
He was able to answer all my questions and put my mind at ease over some of my concerns. He even had his business card made on Durolast material so that you can see and feel what you’re getting before you get it. That was neat. I was able to bring it home and show my wife what type of roof we would be getting before we even got it.
They started the day they said he would, which is amazing nowadays. They worked hard all week and completed the project in one week as he said they would. He fixed every issue that we agreed on. Beautiful brand new roof. Everything is nicely flashed on our bump outs now. The hatch is awesome! Expensive, but worth it. So much better than before.
The day of the inspection I asked to be apart of the meeting. I was able to meet the inspector and talk with him about any questions I had. Durolast roofs are pricy but another thing you’re paying for is the amazing inspection they give it before putting their stamp of approval on it. I mean they check everything. Every single seem and puncture. Nothing gets missed. Josh personally fixed any issue on the spot that needed addressing. The inspector gave it a grade of 98%! That’s amazing. I mean you’re never going to get 100%. 98% was leaps and bounds more then I expected. Josh and his guys did a great job. They really did. Im not the easiest man to please sometimes and I’m very pleased. I’m proud of our new roof and so happy I gave Josh the job. If you need a flat roof done spend the money and go with Durolast, it’s worth it. And if you’re going with Durolast, Josh is your guy.”

— Bryan Rice

“Innovative Exteriors in Midland, Michigan really seems to define professionalism and dedication in the roofing industry. Their reputation for quality work, exceptional customer service, and their commitment to using the best materials speaks volumes.

The Innovative Exteriors team specializes in Duro-Last® roofing systems, ensuring durability, energy efficiency, and less risk of leaks. Their 24/7 availability for emergencies shows a dedication to customer care that’s rare in today’s market.

It’s clear that they stand by their work, offering industry-leading warranties and a comprehensive maintenance program to maximize the lifespan of your flat roof.

For anyone in the Midland, Mid-Michigan or surrounding areas looking for reliable and honest flat roofing services, Innovative Exteriors Inc is the go-to contractor. Their commitment to quality products and honest service is why they’re highly recommended in the community.”

— Joe Fernette

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