Duro-Last® Pre-fabricated Roofing Accessories

Accessories Overview

Custom pre-fabricated roofing accessories is one of the ways Duro-Last® sets apart from the rest of the roofing industry. Innovative Exteriors is proud to be a licensed installer and offer this benefit to our customers. Prefabricated accessories major benefits are that the welding is completed in our factory-controlled environment, providing a better-looking finished product and watertight integrity.

Accessories are prefabricated from 40 or 50 mil membrane and are available in a variety of colors.

Pre-fabricated roofing accessories

Accessory Information

Duro-Last offers a variety of accessories including:

  • Duro-Last membrane stacks, curbs, drains and corners
  • Two-way air vent.
  • Vinyl-coated metal scuppers and pitch pans.
  • Edge metal termination and drainage
  • Skylights
  • Pipe stands

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