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Residential flat roofing treatments are varied. Some are best suited to new constructions, while others are more apt as re-roofing solutions. Some roofing materials are also more appropriate for commercial applications than residential use. These are details that can only be noticed and recommended by experienced roofing contractors.

Maximize the time and resources you spend on your roof improvement by hiring a residential flat roof contractor that can give you superior products and services.

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Innovative Exteriors, Inc. is a trusted contractor for flat roofing systems and services in Midland, Michigan. Our services cover everything, from repair and maintenance to tear-off and replacement. We also work with home builders looking for quality roofing systems and dependable installation services.

Invest in Your Home’s Roof

Your home will likely be the biggest investment you’ll ever make; roofs take a beating every day, protecting your home from heat, rain, and snow, after all. It caps your first line of defense against environmental factors. When the roof is compromised, the rest of your house could develop structural defects later.

Wear and tear is inevitable, but you can manage the rate of deterioration by choosing high-quality, residential flat roofing materials and undergoing regular maintenance. With our help, you can keep expensive and extensive roof damage at bay. Innovative Exteriors, Inc. provides and installs Duro-Last® flat roofing systems for houses in Michigan. These systems are heat-resistant and allow you to keep your energy consumption at a minimum. Duro-Last® also offers a comprehensive warranty, enabling you to make the most of your roofing investment. Talk to our flat roof specialist today.

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